UX London presented by Clearleft

19th21st May 2010 Cumberland Hotel, London

Design with Intent: How to influence behaviour online

Day 3 1:30pm5:00pm

A great user experience can involve design that influences your behaviour — helping you, as a user, make better choices and guiding your interactions, without forcing or coercing you. It may even be that the experience is about persuasion, changing your mind about an issue, influencing attitudes as well as behaviours.

Whether we choose to do it or not, what we design is going to affect how users behave: we might as well get good at it. Design inevitably influences how we interact with products, services and environments, from HCI to urban planning and everything in between — there are many examples from everyday life, hidden in plain sight until we realise the intent behind them — and there are patterns that recur, backed up by psychological theory. In designing online experiences, we can apply some of these patterns to the development of new products and services, to persuade and shape the way our users will interact with them, and help support users’ decision-making.

In this workshop — run as a series of group exercises — you’ll learn:

  • A range of inspirational design patterns for influencing user behaviour online, drawn from multiple disciplines, including the emerging field of persuasive technology.
  • Examples from well-known sites.
  • How to use the patterns to generate concepts for new and redesigned products and services.
  • Three ways designers "model" users that can determine what influence strategy to choose.
  • Bring your "user behaviour" problems and see if we can point you in the direction of solving them.