UX London presented by Clearleft

19th21st May 2010 Cumberland Hotel, London

How To Think With Pretty Pictures (Demystifying Concept Models)

Day 2 1:30pm5:00pm

How do you talk about really complex ideas? When multiple people get involved, language often fails to get everyone aligned on the same page. In this hands-on workshop, speaker Stephen P. Anderson will share how he creates Concept Models as a way of learning, communicating and (when necessary) persuading. You’ll learn:

  • what the concept model is and how it differs from other UX deliverables,
  • how this can be used to do everything from describe the structure of a system to communicate timelines and manage expectations,
  • the patterns and shapes that help you think through difficult concepts,
  • how to frame a conversation through effective use of aesthetics and metaphor,
  • the design details that strengthen (or weaken) a good concept model and
  • tools and templates you can use to create more effective concept models.

Be prepared to learn by doing. As Stephen discusses various tips and tricks, you’ll be working in groups to make sense of a complex idea; resulting concept models will be share with other groups. Whether you’re trying to explain something to a client or make sense of it for yourself, you’ll find the techniques taught in this workshop invaluable.